Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The first one

I'm getting ready for the triplets first birthday so I needed to take pictures yesterday for their invitation. Taking a picture of 3 kids at once is never easy...but I think this one turned out ok.
Wyatt is on the left then Abbey and Hudson is on the right.
I decided to do a pirate themed party because it's a unisex theme and well, I like them :) I know they all say that the First birthday is basically for the parents but I really wanted this first year to be something memorable for my kids.
Every year I will probably make a production out of their birthdays but it is only because it's a miracle that all three are here and healthy. I want to celebrate their birth.


Jessy said...

You two are such an inspiration to me. I pray that my family will have the Lord as the center and the love that you show to eachother and onto others. I love you guys and I am so blessed to be apart of your family. I love what you have done on this website. Your comments brought a tear to my eye. I love you all!

Tia Jessy

Roy & Cecelia said...

Papa and Cece love your blog and your three little blessings. We have been blessed observing you and Matt since you first announced your pregnancy. You guys are such great parents and a real inspiration to so many people.

LaDean said...

Hi Kel, your babies are so cute..and growing !! Enjoy every minute..love ya, LaDean

Cynthia said...

I can't believe they are almost 1! The pics are so cute and amazing. Not sure how you got them all to look at once, a challenge i know well. Ha ha. Can't wait to see you all soon and celebrate the kids!