Monday, November 3, 2008

This past week

The kids first Halloween came and went so fast...

Friday we took the kids to my parents neighbors house where the kids were a hit.

Saturday our church had a Harvest party and we took the kids to that as well.

The kids did great on both accounts, which means it may be getting easier to take them out.

The previous week we had even taken the kids down to San Diego were we stayed the night. Amazing how much room is needed to set up 3 pack n plays. But we did it and the kids slept through the night and enjoyed being in a different location.

Below is a video of Wyatt's new thing, standing up in his crib. He pulls up on anything he can, I have a feeling that he will be walking soon. He's even trying to go up the stairs now.

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_-lah-_ said...

Too cute!!!! Makes me ready to hop on a plane! :-)