Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas 2008

This wasn't the kids first Christmas, but it was their first Christmas at home and they had fun. Lots of family, Christmas parties and toys galore. And the kids (and mom and dad) survived the holiday season.

We had a huge play yard set up in the living room and believe it or not, the kids didn't even pay attention to the huge tree with lights and ornaments on it, thank goodness.

We saw Santa for the first time at Rogers Gardens and the triplets were intrigued by the guy with the bushy beard. No tears were shed, this time...but we took the kids to see Santa at the Laguna Hills Mall and we had our first crier. Hudson wailed! Took one look at the guy and screamed. Pretty hilarious for me, don't think the fat guy thought so :) Oh well, we got some good shots the first go around.

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