Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A look back....




I wanted to post some pictures of the kids while they were in the hospital one year ago so you could all see how far they come and how much they have overcome..

Well it was definately a rough ride. In June of 2007 I found out that I was pregnant. A couple weeks later we saw the ultrasound and was quite surprised on how many heartbeats we saw.
In September 2007, I was put on home bed rest and had to file for disability.

November 9th I went in for a regular check-up and was rushed into the hospital with contractions at 24 weeks. That was definately a scary weekend. I spent Thanksgiving in the hospital, my dad and step-mom made a wonderful meal and brought it to the hospital so we had Thanksgiving dinner in my room :)

Hooked up to IV's and given lots of crazy medicines, I was able to stay in the hospital for another 4 1/2 weeks when the kids arrived December 9th, 2007 at 2:18pm, 11 weeks early.

It was a scary time, I didn't even get to hold the babies as they were rushed right into the Neonatal unit. It took a whole day until I was able to see the kids for the first time. Christmas and New Years of 2007/08 was hard, trying to enjoy the holidays, spending hours at the hospital wondering what will come tomorrow.
We had 100's of people praying for these babies and we felt it. Everyday they were improving and God was giving us patience. And 6 weeks after they were born, Abbey came home. On Valentine's Day, 10 weeks after birth, Hudson came home. And one week later, Wyatt made it home too :)
Hudson weighed 2lbs., 7 oz
Wyatt 2lbs., 3 oz
Abbey 2lbs. 1 oz

Now almost 1 year later...

Hudson weighs 20lbs., and Wyatt and Abbey weigh a little over 18lbs. Everyone is healthy and on track developmentally for their adjusted age :)

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corykhill said...

Such an amazing year and such an amazing family! I love you guys so much and I wish your whole family another amazing years. Kisses!