Wednesday, June 10, 2009


April was a wonderful and super busy month.
We celebrated our 7 year anniversary on the 6th and we decided to take a much needed vacation to Hawaii sans children.
I was worried leaving them for a week, but we knew they would be well taking care of. All 6 grandparents did shifts and helped out. It was such a blessing to have them all help out.

Matt and I had a wonderful time, it was so nice to relax and not do anything. Towards the end of the week though we were missing the kids alot and ready to come home.

The night of our anniversary dinner

On the balcony of our room
When we got back from Hawaii, we celebrated my 30th birthday. Matt surprised me by renting a huge bus limo that we took to Temecula for wine tasting with our friends.

The next day was Easter and we got to spend it the whole family at a clubhouse in Laguna Woods.

Abbey looking out the window

Another family picture, never an easy thing to do :)

One weekend we took the kids down to the grassy area in front of the Montage resort in Laguna Beach. We haven't braved going to the actual beach with the kids yet, I just know it'll be quite an ordeal :) The kids love being outside though. They love to all run now and chase each other too.

Wyatt and daddy

The princess

No more pictures mom!

Some of the kids favorite things to do right now is play in their ball pit, "paint" outside with water and their paintbrushes, swing in their swing and play with the dogs.

Our front yard

Abbey giving Wyatt some love

Abbey reading to her brothers

Huddy enjoying some alone time in the ball pit.

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