Wednesday, June 10, 2009


April and May was filled with lots of big birthdays, babies and weddings. Fun and amazing times and what a blessing to get to share them all with our family and friends.
We have been blessed to have such a strong group of friends that have known each other from high school. It's so rare to still know friends that long.
And we thank you all for your love and support with our family and kids. Raising triplets is definately not an easy job and sometimes I pull my hair out :)
But I always know that I can call one of you friends or family and you'll be there for me to offer some help. So if I don't always say it, thank you!
Thank you to all who show such love and graciousness to our family.

Ok so back to the lovely trio...
We have a blow up water thing that the kids like to play in on hot days.

Abbey all wet

Water Play Day

All 3 sitting for a picture, amazing!

The feeding trough

Matt loves to go on adventures, they don't always end up successfully but we do find new things to do. So one day we found a new park that the kids enjoyed. Good job babe :)




I celebrated my 2nd Mother's Day in May. We went to brunch that morning with my dad and stepmom too and then in the afternoon after naps we went back to the grassy area at the Montage. What a beautiful day and I had a wonderful Mother's Day. I was very spoiled by my kids and hubby with flowers, cards and presnts. I am so thankful for my miracle babies and a wonderful, supporting husband who has been a total hands on dad from day 1.

The kids have their own chairs and couch that they love getting on themselves. They are becoming so independent that it blows me away. It seems like just yesterday we had to carry them everywhere, now they want to walk on their own.
They point at everything to tell me what they want and they understand when I tell them to get something. They are starting to feed themselves too. Now that has been a messy process. But they have fun and really like it.

The three also have fun playing in our backyard too. We have a pool, so we never had them play out there but this month we had a fence put in around it, so it's a whole new play area for the trips. They push each other in the cars and ride around and play with chalk and bubbles.

Our wagon

They think they can still fit two in the car

They were watching the pool guy put in the fence

The 3 Musketeers

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