Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Messy eating, play time and swim lessons

So, me being the smart mom decided to serve spaghetti with lots of sauce for dinner. And let the kids feed themselves too. It was too funny to pass up a photo op. Surprisingly Huddy didn't get as messy but he didn't know what to do with his dirty hands...

Some cute pictures of the kids that I had to add.

Last weekend we took the kids to Kingsburg for their uncle Bill's 40th birthday and these pictures were of on our way up there.

Huddy's cute smile

...and Wyatt's

....and the sleeping beauty

Our new thing is to smell our feet and make stinky noises, so Hudson the comedian showed us how it was done.

We signed the kids up for swimming lessons doing parent and me this year. We have a pool and wanted the kids to get really comfortable around water. It's only 5 sessions about 25 minutes each, but it's just long enough for the kids. We had no screamers, so that was a bonus! They like the water and we are learning to blow bubbles, float on our back and kick.
It's definately a process getting the kids ready and then changing them afterwards. It usually takes 4 people. 3 to help with the class and the extra person to help dry off.

Mommy has Wyatt, Grandpa Kimmel has Hudson and Daddy has Abbey

Backfloats, I think Wyatt fell asleep


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